How To Draw a Shark | Step By Step Guide

Alaa Kassem

Welcome to kiddy can draw, fun step by step drawing tutorial. Today we are going to draw a shark

So, grab a piece of paper and a pencil or a marker, and let's start drawing.

Step 1: The Snout and The Mouth

How to draw a shark step 1

First we are going to draw the snout, that is the front part of the shark, where we're going to draw the nostrils later.

Then we'll draw a laughing big mouth attached to it.

 After that draw a line going down to make the lower part of the shark.

Step 2: Two Fins

How to draw a shark step 2

Draw a fin at the end of this line and another fin under it.

Step 3: The Belly and The dorsal Fin

How to draw a shark step 3

Extend a line to complete the lower part of the shark going up to start the tail.

At the top, make a small curved line, then draw the dorsal fin right over it.

Step 4: The Tail

How to draw a shark step 4

Draw a line from the dorsal fin going upward to complete the tail.

Finish the tail, it should look like 2 leaves connected together.

Step 5: Gill Slits and Lower Part Of The Body

How to draw a shark step 5

Make a line from the snout till the tail to define the lower part of the shark's body.

Draw half moon shapes to make the gill slits.

Gill slits help the shark in feeding and gas exchange.

Step 6: Eye, Nostrils and Teeth

How to draw a shark step 6

Draw the nostrils at the top of the snout.

Close the mouth from the outer side and make some sharp teeth inside. 

Make a small curve next to the mouth because our shark is so happy, laughing so hard.

Draw the eye, it is an upside down U shape with a curve underneath

We'll draw an eyelash and the eyelid, followed by the iris and the pupil, leaving small circles white, to show light reflection.

Good job, now you can draw a shark

How to draw a shark finished

Now, grab the colors of your choice and let's start coloring.

How to draw a shark colored simple

Tip: To show light reflection on any surface while coloring, leave a small line without color

Tip: To achieve a 3D effect, pick a darker shade and go over some parts of the drawing.

How to draw a shark colored final

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