About Us

Our Story

Hey there! Welcome to Kiddy Can Draw!

We’re a super fun husband and wife team with three amazing kiddos aged 9, 5, and 1. Like many parents, we noticed our little ones were spending way too much time glued to screens. We knew we had to find something exciting and educational to pull them away from their devices. That’s when we discovered the magic of drawing!

Here’s how it all started:

- Family Fun Time: Drawing became our go-to activity, filling our home with creativity and joy.
- Skill Building: We saw our kids’ fine motor skills and imagination take off!
- Screen-Free Bliss: It was the perfect break from screen time, giving our kids a chance to explore their artistic side.
- Shared Passion: My wife’s love for drawing and my knack for website development and digital design sparked a brilliant idea.

We realized that other parents might be facing the same screen time struggle. Why not share our solution with the world? And just like that, Kiddy Can Draw was born!

Here’s what we offer to make your family’s creative journey awesome:

- Free Drawing Guides: Easy, step-by-step tutorials that kids will love.
- Exclusive Ebook Packs: Packed with cool themes like animals, fairy characters, and more!
- Fun Apparel and Accessories: Let your little artists wear their creativity with pride!

Our mission is to inspire kids everywhere to fall in love with drawing and feel fantastic about what they wear and use. We believe every child is a budding artist, and with a little encouragement, they can create masterpieces!

Why Kiddy Can Draw is perfect for your family:

- Screen-Free Activities: Keep those screens off and let the creativity flow.
- Boosts Confidence: Watch your kids’ confidence soar as they complete each drawing.
- Endless Fun: From doodles to detailed drawings, there’s something for every skill level.
- Community Love: Join a community of parents and kids who share the same passion for art.

So, grab your crayons, pencils, and markers, and dive into the colorful world of Kiddy Can Draw! We’re here to make art fun, accessible, and an everyday adventure for your little ones.

Thank you for joining us on this creative journey. Let’s make some amazing art together!

Happy drawing!

With love and creativity,
Amr, Alaa
Founders of Kiddy Can Draw