How To Draw a Jellyfish | Step By Step Guide

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Welcome to our exciting drawing tutorial! 🎨 Today, we'll be learning how to draw a Cute Jellyfish, perfect for kids and beginners. Whether you're here to watch a quick video or follow along with our detailed step-by-step guide, we've got you covered.

Jellyfish aren’t fish at all. They are mysterious creatures that are actually gelatinous, they have no spine and they are like jelly! There are fossils of jellyfish that are from over 500 million years ago, which makes them hundreds of million years older than dinosaurs! Jellyfish have bell-shaped bodies, arms that bring food to their mouth and up to 15 tentacles. A jellyfish's tentacles can have millions of very small stinging cells. These stinging cells release toxins into a prey, so when a human brushes a jellyfish, it stings because these toxins are going into our skin! Finally a jellyfish has no brain, heart or lungs!

👉 Watch the Video: For a quick and engaging visual guide, click the play button below and follow along with our fun drawing video.

🖍️ Step-by-Step Guide: Prefer a more detailed approach? Keep scrolling to dive into our easy-to-follow steps, complete with images and tips to help you create your masterpiece.

Get Ready to Draw! Let's get those creative juices flowing and make some art! Don't forget to share your drawings with us on social media using #KiddyCanDraw. We love to see your creations!

Step 1: The Top of The Body

How to draw a Jellyfish step 1

Draw a top of a bell shape for the top of the jellyfish’s body, draw small hairs on top of the head to make it look even cuter.

Step 2: The Bottom of The Body

How to draw a Jellyfish step 2

Draw a wavy line at the bottom to complete the bell shaped body of the jellyfish.

Step 3: Face Features

How to draw a Jellyfish step 3

Draw 2 eyes as shown, draw a mouth in between, with the tongue showing inside to show the jellyfish’s big laugh. Draw some tiny lines at the bottom of the body for some texture.

Step 4: Three Tentacles

How to draw a Jellyfish step 4

Draw 3 snake-like shapes coming down from the body to make the arms or tentacles of the jellyfish.

Step 5: Two Tentacles

How to draw a Jellyfish step 5

Draw 2 tentacles intersecting each other at the bottom.

Step 6: Another Two Tentacles

How to draw a Jellyfish step 6

Finish the tips of the previous 2 tentacles as shown, then draw another 2 tentacles, with parts of them hidden behind the others.

Congratulations, now you can draw a jellyfish.

How to draw a Jellyfish finished

Now, grab the colors of your choice and start painting your drawing, I am sure it will be outstanding.

How to draw a Jellyfish colored simple

Tip: To show light reflection on any surface while coloring, leave a small line or sometimes circles without color or use an eraser to erase a few lines or spots as shown in the colored picture.

How to draw a Jellyfish colored final

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