How to draw Dinosaur | Pterodactyl | Step by Step Guide


Welcome to our fun step by step drawing tutorial.

Today we are going to draw pterodactyl.

Pterodactyl is the common term for pterosaurs. Though pterosaurs were mistaken for a type of dinosaurs, but actually they are flying reptiles.

This common mistake probably comes from the fact that pterosaurs lived among dinosaurs and became extinct around the same time.

Now, let's grab our pencils or markers and start drawing our pterodactyl.

Step 1: The head

Draw an oval shape that looks like a human eye for the head, but leave a gap in the lower line so we can make the neck later.

ow to draw a Pterodactyl step 1

Step 2: Neck, back and belly

Draw a narrow neck coming down from the gap that we left in the head.

To draw the back, make a wavy line going up then down then up again a little higher than before so we can make the tail later.

Then make a shorter curved line to make the belly.

How to draw a Pterodactyl step 2

Step 3: The hidden wing

Draw the wing that is further away from our view, so it will be hidden behind the head and the body of the pterodactyl by drawing to curved lines coming out from both sides of the back of the head, then connect them by two half circles.

How to draw a Pterodactyl step 3

Step 4: The other wing

Draw the other wing by drawing a triangle coming down from the belly, but the third side of it is two half circles.

How to draw a Pterodactyl step 4

Step 5: The belly and tail

Complete the curved line of the belly going up to make the tail and adding a small triangle at the tip of the tail.

How to draw a Pterodactyl step 5

Step 6: Decorate

Add an eye and a small circle under the eye for a blush. Then decorate the top of the head and the back with some irregular spots, and the wings with a few stripes.

How to draw a Pterodactyl step 6

Congratulations, now you can draw a pterodactyl.

How to draw a Pterodactyl final 

Now, all you have to do is grab your colors and have some fun coloring this piece of art, I am sure it will look amazing no matter what type of colors you choose.

How to draw a Pterodactyl Coloured

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