How To Draw a Cute CupCake | Step By Step Guide

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Welcome to our exciting drawing tutorial! 🎨 Today, we'll be learning how to draw a Cute Cupcake, perfect for kids and beginners. Whether you're here to watch a quick video or follow along with our detailed step-by-step guide, we've got you covered.

👉 Watch the Video: For a quick and engaging visual guide, click the play button below and follow along with our fun drawing video.

🖍️ Step-by-Step Guide: Prefer a more detailed approach? Keep scrolling to dive into our easy-to-follow steps, complete with images and tips to help you create your masterpiece.

Get Ready to Draw! Let's get those creative juices flowing and make some art! Don't forget to share your drawings with us on social media using #KiddyCanDraw. We love to see your creations!

Step 1: The Cupcake Liner

How to draw a cute cupcake step 1 

To draw the cupcake liner, draw a tilted line going down, then draw a longer horizontal line and end it with another tilted line on the other side.

Draw a wavy line closing the cupcake liner at the top.

Step 2: The Sides And The Edge Of The Icing

How to draw a cute cupcake step 2

For the sides of the cupcake, draw a curved line coming up from the cupcake liner, one line on each side.

Then draw a wavy line connecting the middle of these 2 lines to make the lower edge of the icing.

Step 3: The Left Side Of The Icing

How to draw a cute cupcake step 3

Draw a few curved lines on the left side to make the yummy layers of the icing.

Step 4: The Cherry On Top

How to draw a cute cupcake step 4

After drawing the left side, by the end of it, draw a cherry at the top.

Step 5: The Right Side Of The Icing

How to draw a cute cupcake step 5

Draw a few curved lines on the right side ending at the cherry to complete the icing on our cupcake.

Step 6: Eyes, Mouth And Some Decorations

How to draw a cute cupcake step 6

Draw cute eyes, and leave white spots without colour to show the light reflection.

Draw a laughing mouth with a small tongue inside.

Then decorate the cupcake with some circles to make the confetti sprinkles.

Amazing, now you can draw a cute cupcake.

How to draw a cute cupcake finished

Now, grab the colors of your choice and let's start coloring.

How to draw a cute cupcake colored

Tip: To show light reflection on any surface while coloring, leave a small line without color.

Tip: To achieve a 3D effect, pick a darker shade and go over some parts of the drawing.

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