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Kiddy Can Draw

How to Draw Dinosaurs for Kids eBook | Draw it-Trace it-Color it

How to Draw Dinosaurs for Kids eBook | Draw it-Trace it-Color it

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A simple step-by-step guide teaches kids of all ages How to draw DINOSAURS.

With this guide, your kid can learn to Draw and Color 12 different dinosaur and dinosaur-related drawings (66 pages). You can see all the drawings on the book cover.

For each drawing, we supply 5 pages:

  1. First is a colored version that your kid can cut and put on the wall, notebook, or anything.
  2. A step-by-step guide to trace red lines and follow while drawing.
  3. Faded version to make it easy for your kid to trace the whole image.
  4. Blank page to draw his own.
  5. Coloring page for each image.

Why Digital is Better for You and the Environment?

Better for You:

-Get the product immediatelly.

-Get it Cheaper.

-Print only pages you need, and you can print the pages you love more than once without having to buy a new book. (which means unlimited drawing, tracing and coloring with no extra cost).

Better for the Environment:

-No shipping which means less polution.

-You print only what you need less paper used and less ink.

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