How to draw a Dinosaur | Triceratops | Step by Step Guide

How to draw Triceratops

Welcome to our kiddy can draw fun step by step drawing tutorial.

Today, we are going to draw a type of dinosaur called a triceratops. 

Triceratops are recognized with its 3 horns, the parrot-like beak and a large frill that could reach nearly one metre across.

The triceratops skull is one of the largest and most striking of any land animal.

Now, let's grab our pencils or markers and start drawing our cute triceratops.

Step 1: Front of the head and first horn

Starting near the top right part of the paper, draw a curved line going down to the right ending with the first pointy horn looking like a triangle with curved sides.

How to draw Triceratops Step 1

Step 2: The head

Join the top of this curved line and the first horn with a large incomplete circle to make the shape of a chubby half moon representing the frill at the back of the triceratops head.

How to draw Triceratops Step 2

Step 3: 2nd and 3rd horns, face features

Draw the 2nd and 3rd horns, one near the top of the head, and the other hidden behind it.

Draw an eye, nose, mouth with some cute teeth.

Draw some semi-circles on the inside of the back of the head to give some texture to the frill on his head.

How to draw Triceratops Step 3

Step 4: The back and tail

Draw a curved line coming out from the back of his head going up then down then a little up again to make the hump of its back and start drawing the tail.

How to draw Triceratops Step 4

Step 5: The leg

From the bottom of the head, draw a line going down then curve it to the left to make a leg, then curve it up again to be ready to join the other leg.

How to draw Triceratops Step 5

Step 6: The other leg, the tail and decorate

Attached to the first leg, draw a "V" shape curved at the top to make the other leg, then join it with the tip of the tail previously drawn in step 4.

Decorate the back and the tail of our dinosaur with some irregular oval shapes to give it some texture.

 How to draw Triceratops Step 6

Congratulations, now you can draw a triceratops.

How to draw Triceratops Final 

All you have to do now is grab your colours of choice and start giving colour to your piece of art and make sure you have lots of fun.

How to draw Triceratops Colored

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