How to draw a Dinosaur | Stegosaurus | Step by Step Guide

How to draw a Stegosaurus

Welcome to kiddy can draw fun step by step tutorial. Today we are going to draw one of the stegosaurus dinosaur species.

Stegosaurus was a large plant-eating dinosaur. It was about the size of a bus and it was characterized by the large bony plates along its back that made it appear even bigger.

Now, let's grab our pencils or markers and start drawing our cute stegosaurus.

Step 1: The head

Draw a circle that has a gap from the side so we can draw the neck later.

How to draw a Stegosaurus step 1

Step 2: The back and tail

Draw a curved line coming out from the head going upward to make the large hump of the back, then going down and up again to start making the tail.

How to draw a Stegosaurus step 2

Step 3: The leg

Draw a "V" shape that is curved at the top of both sides, coming down from the head to make the leg of our dinosaur.

How to draw a Stegosaurus step 3

Step 4: The other leg and the rest of the tail

Draw another curved "V" shape attached to the first one to make the other leg. Then make a curved line going up coming out from this leg to complete the dinosaur's tail. 

How to draw a Stegosaurus step 4

N.B.: Of course, the stegosaurus has 4 legs, not just 2, but this is a simple illustration that shows only 2 legs assuming the other 2 are completely hidden behind them.

Step 5: The bony plates

Draw pentagon shapes starting from the dinosaur's neck going along its back until the tip of the tail to make the large bony plates of the stegosaurus.

How to draw a Stegosaurus step 5

Step 6: Face features and decoration

Draw eyes, mouth and nose.

Decorate the bony plates with stripes and the face and body with irregular oval shapes to give the dinosaur some texture.

 How to draw a Stegosaurus step 6

Congratulations, now you can draw a really cute stegosaurus.

 How to draw a Stegosaurus final

Now, all you have to do is grab your colors of choice and start having fun giving color to your piece of art. Whether they are colored pencils, markers, crayons or even water colors, I am sure it will look amazing.

How to draw a Stegosaurus coloured
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