How To Draw a Dinosaur | Plesiosaurus | Step by Step Guide

How To Draw a Dinosaur Plesiosaurus


Welcome to kiddy can draw, fun step by step drawing tutorial. Today we are going to draw a type of dinosaur called Plesiosaurus.

Plesiosaurus had two large pairs of flippers, short tail, short or long neck and a broad body. The paddles helped it to swim because it was a type of marine reptile. They were carnivores, meaning they fed on large fish and other reptiles.

So, grab a piece of paper and a pencil or a marker, and let's start drawing.

Step 1: Face

Draw the outline of the face as shown.

How To Draw a Dinosaur Plesiosaurus Step 1

Step 2: Face Features

Draw 2 oval shapes for the eyes, with 2 smaller oval shapes inside each of them leaving small white spots for light reflection. Draw a small curved line under each eye for the cheeks. Draw 2 dots for the nose and a broad smile for the mouth.

How To Draw a Dinosaur Plesiosaurus Step 2

Step 3: The Neck

Draw 2 lines coming from the bottom of the head going down to make the neck. Decorate the neck with an irregular line at the top on each side.

How To Draw a Dinosaur Plesiosaurus Step 3

Step 4: The Back and The Tail

Draw a curved line coming out from the side of the neck going up then down to make the back, ending with a cone shape for the tail. Decorate the back with irregular triangular shapes to give it texture.

How To Draw a Dinosaur Plesiosaurus Step 4

Step 5: The Two Front Flippers

From the other side of the neck, draw a curved line going down making a cone shape for the first flipper with some skin folds at the top for texture. Decorate the flipper with an irregular zigzag and a few circles. 

From the first flipper draw a curved line making the belly, then draw a cone shape at the bottom of the belly for the second flipper and decorate it like the previous one.

How To Draw a Dinosaur Plesiosaurus Step 5

Step 6: The Two Back Flippers and Decoration

Draw 2 pointed elliptical shapes for the two back flippers connected together with a small curved line. One of them is attached to the belly, and the other is attached to the tail.

Decorate both the flippers and the body with irregular zigzag lines and some circles.

How To Draw a Dinosaur Plesiosaurus Step 6

Congratulations, now you can draw a Plesiosaurus.

How To Draw a Dinosaur Plesiosaurus Final

Now, grab the colors of your choice and start painting your drawing, I am sure it will be outstanding.

Tip: To show light reflection on any surface while coloring, leave a small line or sometimes circles without color as shown in the colored picture.

Tip: If you are using colored pencil and would like to achieve a 3D effect as the one in my drawing, pick a darker shade for the color you pick and go over some parts of the drawing with this darker shade as shown in the final picture, and try to blend the two colors together well on paper by easing the pressure on the pencil tip as you go towards the lighter parts.

How To Draw a Dinosaur Plesiosaurus Coloured

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