How to draw a Cute Giraffe | Step by Step Guide

How to draw a Cute Giraffe

Welcome to our kiddy can draw, fun step by steps drawing tutorial. Today, we are going to draw one of our logo characters, the cute giraffe.

Giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth, their legs alone are taller than many humans, about 6 feet.

Giraffes spend most of their time standing up, they even sleep and give birth standing up.

Now, grab a paper and a pencil or a marker and let's start drawing our giraffe.

Step 1: The head

Draw an egg shape for the giraffe's head.

How to draw a Cute Giraffe Step 1

Step 2: Ears and ossicones

Draw 2 incomplete oval shapes for each ear on each side of the top of the head.

On the space in between the 2 ears, draw the giraffe's ossicones, as 2 cylindrical shapes ending with a circle each.

N.B: The ossicones of the giraffe are something similar to horns or antlers of different animals.

How to draw a Cute Giraffe Step 2

Step 3: Face features

Divide the face with a horizontal curved line near the middle of the face, then draw 2 eyes at the top, and the nose and mouth at the bottom.

How to draw a Cute Giraffe Step 3

Step 4: The neck

Draw the giraffe's long neck, then draw a horizontal straight line at the bottom to resemble the surface on which the giraffe is leaning on. You can use a ruler for the straight surface.

How to draw a Cute Giraffe Step 4

Step 5: The legs

Draw the 2 front legs coming from behind the surface and showing at the front with the hoofs at the bottom of the legs.

How to draw a Cute Giraffe Step 5

Step 6: Decorate

Decorate the giraffe's neck with some irregular circles.

How to draw a Cute Giraffe Step 6

Congratulations, now you can draw our cute giraffe.

How to draw a Cute Giraffe Final

Now, grab the colors of your choice, and start giving some color to your masterpiece.

Tip: If you are using colored pencil and would like to achieve a 3D effect as the one in my drawing, pick a darker shade for the color you pick and go over some parts of the drawing with this darker shade as shown in the final picture, and try to blend the two colors together well on paper by easing the pressure on the pencil tip as you go towards the lighter parts.

How to draw a Cute Giraffe Colored

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