How To Draw a Cute Mummy for Halloween | Step by Step Guide

Alaa Kassem

Welcome to our exciting drawing tutorial! 🎨 Today, we'll be learning how to draw a Cute Mummy for Halloween, perfect for kids and beginners. Follow along with our detailed step-by-step guide.
🖍️ Step-by-Step Guide: Keep scrolling to dive into our easy-to-follow steps, complete with images and tips to help you create your masterpiece.

Get Ready to Draw! Let's get those creative juices flowing and make some art! Don't forget to share your drawings with us on social media using #KiddyCanDraw. We love to see your creations!

Step 1: Face Outline

Draw an oval shape for the head with a bulge on the left side of the face.

How To Draw a Cute Mummy Step 1

Step 2: Arms

Draw  4 lines going down as shown, each couple of lines coming down from one side of the face.

How To Draw a Cute Mummy Step 2

Step 3: Hand and Bucket

Draw a semicircle attached to each arm for the hands. Draw half a circle facing down intersecting the hands to make the handle of the bucket, then draw half a circle facing the other direction for the bucket itself with a few lines on its surface for some texture.

How To Draw a Cute Mummy Step 3

Step 4: Back and Legs

Draw a line coming down from behind the arm on the right side and then connect it at the bottom with a semicircle for the foot.

Draw a line going down from under the hands intersecting the bucket and then connect it at the bottom with another semicircle for the foot which will be partially hidden behind the other foot.

How To Draw a Cute Mummy Step 4

Step 5: Eyes

Draw 2 curved lines, on top of each draw an oval shape for the eye with a  couple of white spots in each for the light reflection.

How To Draw a Cute Mummy Step 5

Step 6: Mummy Wrapping Bandages

Draw several lines as shown all over the mummy's face and body to resemble the wrapping of the mummy.

How To Draw a Cute Mummy Step 6

Congratulations, now you can draw a Mummy going for trick or treat.

How To Draw a Cute Mummy Final

Now, grab the colors of your choice and start painting your drawing, I am sure it will be outstanding.

Tip: To show light reflection on any surface while coloring, leave a small line or sometimes circles without color as shown in the colored picture.

Tip: If you are using colored pencil and would like to achieve a 3D effect as the one in my drawing, pick a darker shade for the color you pick and go over some parts of the drawing with this darker shade as shown in the final picture, and try to blend the two colors together well on paper by easing the pressure on the pencil tip as you go towards the lighter parts.

How To Draw a Cute Mummy Colored

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